Recruiting New Tenure-Track Professor this Fall

posted Jul 9, 2016, 6:15 PM by Tim Hill
The department was just approved to recruit for one tenure-track Assistant Professor position to start in Fall 2017. This means we'll have our hands full in the coming academic recruiting cycle, kicking off with the AMCIS conference in August. I'll be there, along with one of my faculty, Nitin Aggarwal, meeting with potential candidates as much as I can. (I'm presenting a paper on the Max Labs, participating in a panel on department chairing, and co-chairing the Junior Faculty Consortium there too so will be running most of the time.) But am looking forward to getting another great hire, despite the high cost of living that's working against us. That's always been a problem and still we've been able to score a string of star hires in the past, so hopefully our luck will hold out. We'll see...