The Max Labs Project on Full Throttle

posted Jul 9, 2016, 6:10 PM by Tim Hill
By popular demand, I'm working on sharing out the lab series I wrote for our Intro to Business Technology course. The labs, written in blog format, tell the story of Max, a girl in that same course, who stumbles into a startup, building a mobile-enabled Salesforce app to help them track their venture funding pitches. Our students "follow" along with her, using the free Developer Edition accounts from Salesforce to bring the course concepts to life with their own hands. The labs have been super popular with the students as well as the faculty and as word has gotten around, I've gotten more & more requests to use them at other schools. Am working busily now to set up the infrastructure to do that through the Salesforce AppExchange. Hopefully all will be in place for at least a limited release this fall. Stay tuned...